Bankers Warranty Group

The Stevie Award

Bankers Warranty Group is regularly recognized for its excellent products and services. In June of 2012, Bankers Warranty Group added another honor to its achievements list in the form of a Bronze Stevie Award. The award, presented as part of the American Business Awards program, was in recognition of the company’s social media marketing campaign, the BWG “Tweet a Selfie” experience, which was launched at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Stevie Award was created in 2002 as a reflection of notable business, organization, and individuals achievements. Named after Stephen, who means “crowned” in the Greek language, the Stevie trophy measures 16 inches tall and is wrapped in 24-karat gold. Above the golden silhouette is a crystal pyramid that symbolizes the hierarchy of human needs, which includes the need for human beings to have the esteem of their peers.

In 2012, the awards program honored its 10th anniversary by introducing the Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards. Evaluated on a scale of 10, the companies that achieve the top score in their categories receive the Gold Stevie Award. Finalists with an average score of 8 will earn the Silver Stevie medal. Remaining finalists are awarded the Bronze Stevie medal. Silver and bronze recipients have the option of purchasing their trophies following the announcement.


Metropolitan Ministries’ Uplift U Participants Avoid Homelessness

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Bankers Warranty Group provides customer support solutions for consumer product retailers and manufacturers through a host of after-sale services, including insured extended service plans, troubleshooting assistance, service and claims management, and customized online portals. Equally committed to the welfare of local community members as to the success of its commercial clients, Bankers Warranty Group supports the efforts of Tampa-based homelessness relief organization Metropolitan Ministries.

Through programs such as Uplift U, Metropolitan Ministries offers assistance to those in Florida’s Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, and Hillsborough counties who are homeless or in danger of forfeiting their place of residence. A free mid- to long-term residential program, Uplift U ensures that single women and families struggling with poverty and lack of shelter have a secure home and adequate food, as well as access to counseling and education. Since its inception, Uplift U has aided more than 100 families each year as they work to regain economic stability and independence.

Uplift U encompasses eight separate components ranging from substance abuse rehabilitation counseling to money management classes, with its primary feature being the provision of emergency transitional housing at a Metropolitan Ministries facility containing 41 family units and nine spaces reserved for single women. Program participants are eligible to reside in the shelter for up to 18 months, but the level of need varies and some reside in the shelter for only a few weeks.

Stevie Awards Earned Only After Two-Phase Scrutiny by Industry Leaders

A provider of customizable product assurance contract plans for retailers and manufacturers, Bankers Warranty Group offers optional marketing support services, including digital promotions, print advertisements, and point-of-sale materials. At this year’s 12th annual American Business Awards (ABA), the Bankers Warranty Group marketing design team won a Bronze Stevie in the category of Business-to-Business Brand Experience of the Year, for its “Tweet a Selfie” social media campaign. The ABA awards the Stevie following a two-phase evaluation process that employs more than 200 judges assembled from among the most esteemed business educators, executives, and entrepreneurs in the country.

Entrants in the competition must submit to the judging panel an essay detailing the development and results of their marketing campaign, as well as a biography of the nominated professional, company, or team leader. It is also suggested that nominees demonstrate their work to judges by uploading a portfolio of sample materials through the ABA website.

After all submissions have been received, a body of qualified judges conducts preliminary judging from April to May. Judges review entries online and rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. In the preliminary phase, at least five judges assess each entry.

Submissions that receive an average of 7.0 or higher from preliminary judges are designated Finalists and advance to the final round of judging in late May, during which Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie winners are chosen by final judging committees.

Bankers Warranty Group Appears at National Hardware Show

For more than 25 years, Bankers Warranty Group has provided companies with services including repair plans, accidental damage, marketing, and troubleshooting. Recently, Bankers Warranty Group appeared at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

At the show, the group introduced innovative customer service and warranty programs designed to meet custom needs; 2014 marks the first year that the St. Petersburg, Florida, company appeared at the exhibit. Drawing from its extensive experience in warranty management, Bankers Warranty introduced customers to its existing plans and helped show hardware industry members how to build new ones.

The company was immediately noticed during the convention for its unique neon green display space and a challenging version of a traditional hardware-themed game that goes by the names Hammerschlagen, Stump, and Nagelspielen. The company’s representatives were among the more than 27,000 home improvement and DIY professionals attending the event. Bankers Warranty also used the National Hardware Show as an opportunity to extend its industry reach using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.